MEMS speakers are replacing balanced armature speakers

MEMS speakers are about to appear in actual consumer products, especially in small form factor devices such as TWS earbuds and headphones. Efforts are also on the way to enable MEMS speakers in a larger form factor devices such as TVs, etc.  USound is one of the leading companies in the MEMS speaker area and […]

iFLYTEK reports 2021 operating revenue up 41% to ¥18.3 billion

iFLYTEK is the largest speech solution provider in China and probably one of the largest in Asia. iFLYTEK’s business area covers a wide range of speech solutions including voice recognition software and voice-based internet and mobile products covering education, communication, music, intelligent toys, etc.  While iFLYTEK is well known for their voice recognition business in […]

MediaTek is getting ready to spin off its Airoha subsidiary

In the past several years, Airoha became quite successful in Bluetooth audio related markets and more recently, it has had significant success in the TWS earbuds market, with customers including Sony, Beats by Apple, JBL by Harman, Skullcandy and Xiaomi.  Qualcomm’s once large dominant position in the Bluetooth headset market (through its CSR acquisition) has […]

Syntiant raises $55 million, ships 20 million+ chips

Syntiant is a start-up company founded in 2017 focusing on developing always on, machine learning based processor solutions.  Investors for Syntiant includes a whole spectrum of tech industry companies such as Amazon, Bosch, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, and Renasas and more.  The NDP100 chip (NDP = Neural Decision Processor), from Syntiant achieves industry leading ultra-low power […]

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