Meta’s New Quest 3 is Here

By Lachlan Cooney / October 3, 2023
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Meta’s new Quest 3 has landed and it’s currently available for pre-order. It’s set to release on the 10th of October for $499, $200 more than the Quest 2, but is it worth the substantial price increase? The most significant upgrade in the Quest 3 is its new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU by Qualcomm. This […]

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Apple Vision Pro

By Joe Murray / June 22, 2023
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​As expected, Apple has just announced their first entry into the Extended Reality market. The Apple Vision Pro. Set to release in early 2024 and selling at a base price of $3,499, the new device will spark new life into the mixed reality market. Currently, the only large-scale device that uses mixed reality (a combination […]

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Highly efficient sound power and sound intensity measurements with augmented reality

By Joe Murray / June 1, 2022
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Head acoustics has announced a new application for the HoloLens 2, developed by a German start-up called HoloMetrix. The application allows users to box off an object in augmented reality before the application creates a personal sound map. This allows the user to identify sounds issues and leakages, creating a quieter environment for perhaps even […]

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Meta to open first brick and mortar store

By Joe Murray / May 3, 2022
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Meta has officially announced the Meta Store, a brick and mortar location for consumers to test our their most recent hardware. The announcement seems to be coupled with Meta’s push for its vision of the future of the MetaVerse. Similar to the Apple Store, consumers will be able to test the latest AR/VR technology that […]

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Rumours develop over Apple’s VR and AR headsets

By Joe Murray / March 9, 2022
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Rumours have been flying around about the release of Apples’ VR, and AR headsets. Rumours suggest that the new VR headsets will feature Micro OLED displays which may even be capable of an 8K resolution. The new headsets are set to be announced during Apple’s annual event in 2022.   Current market leaders in include Meta […]

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