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State of Sound 2022

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We have co-authored the latest State of Sound report and used research from the following services (click to view):

View the Qualcomm State of Sound report here.

View the follow up article on sound quality and spatial audio here.

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WEBINAR: MEMS Speakers, enabling new design options in headphones

Can MEMS revolutionize the speaker market, much as it has for motion sensors and microphones?
Why does the TWS market matter?
What is a MEMS speaker?
Who are the major MEMS speaker vendors; how do their technologies differ?
What will drive usage of MEMS speakers and when might this happen?
How might the use of MEMS speakers change headphone design?

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WEBINAR: Far-field voice enhancement and the touchless generation

Recognizing market trends, opportunities and set-backs:-
• Why is far-field important?
• What are the emerging use cases?
• What are the key areas driving growth?
• What are the market challenges?

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WEBINAR: How will you take charge of Machine Learning at the Embedded Edge?

Embedding Machine Learning (ML) into end devices, The Edge, will find broad application in virtually all markets – consumer, industrial, military, transportation – you name it. Brands and chip vendors both face an explosion of opportunities and choices, so be sure that every product category that can have ML will have ML.

How will you compete?

How can brands evolve to ML enhanced products?

What are the likely evolutions?

What will they cost?

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WEBINAR | The Future of TWS: Next Generation ANC and Scalable Codecs

The TWS Market has boomed over the last six years, driving the licencing of Bluetooth codecs and ANC technologies alike. This has pushed both OEMs, component vendors, and software vendors to innovate as a means to remain relevant in the ever adapting market.

What future use cases will TWS fill?
How will multi-use case headsets enter the market?
Who is revolutionising the market?
How have scalable codecs and ANC encouraged innovation?
How might the competitive market change in the next few years?

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The Road to Intelligent Audio: Connecting and Transforming the Driving Experience

The automotive market is undergoing significant change with the emergence of connected, electrification and automation.  This has opened up significant opportunity in the advancements of audio distribution, playback, features and enhancements to support the shifting needs of better sound quality, immersive audio, voice commands and communication.

  • Why does audio matter to the automotive market?
  • What are the key audio technology trends transforming the vehicle space?
  • How is audio delivery and playback changing to support the needs of automotive?
  • How are audio codecs, speaker positioning and personalized sound zones evolving in vehicle?
  • How might the use of AI and machine learning deliver real-time and contextual diagnostics and services?
  • Who are the major technology providers contributing to the future growth of automotive audio?
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Enhancing E-Mobility Reliability, Safety & User Experience

How are developments in the BMS components market enhancing E-Mobility reliability, safety and user experience?

All E-Mobility applications including electric cars, motorbikes, bicycles and scooters share the same fundamental challenges; how do they match (or better) the resilience, safety and user experience of the traditional vehicles they replace? For sure, the mechanical design, aerodynamics and powertrain design have a huge influence, but these challenges also often rely heavily on the BMS design and the battery management ICs it includes, for intelligent monitoring, balancing, protection and optimisation of the power source.

Key Learnings:

  • Why is the BMS market important to vehicle OEMs and EV consumers?
  • What are the key BMS components?
  • Who are the major BMS component vendors, how do their technologies differ?
  • How will enabling more granular battery data reporting enable advancements?
  • How might the use of advanced BMS change E-Mobility user experience?
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