Airoha sets 10-year milestone with Bluetooth LE Audio certification

It looks like Bluetooth LE (BLE) audio is making a significant impact on TWS SoC providers such as Airoha, as it is believed to be a game changer in the wireless audio industry.

TWS SoC providers consider BLE as an important milestone due to the benefits that it will bring. Power efficiency and better sound quality at a lower bit rate is just some of the advantages of BLE.

Bluetooth SIG is strongly promoting Auracast broadcast audio—one of the unique features supported in BLE—as it can enable an audio source device to broadcast one or more audio streams to an unlimited number of audio sink devices.

Many leading TWS SoC providers are busy delivering the BLE enabled TWS chips that can be supported by Bluetooth profile 5.2 and later.

Noteworthy is the competition in sound quality of the audio codecs. For example, there is aptX from Qualcomm and LDAC from Sony. We are waiting to see if LC3 in BLE will surpass the other high quality audio codecs and become popular in the market.

SAR recently published its TWS Audio & UI Technologies Service which has the most extensive coverage of the TWS market available. You can also view SAR’s predictions on the LE Audio market here.

Dr. Seongcheol Jang Director, Voice Technologies

Dr. Jang is Director of SAR’s UI Practice Area, providing market insights on the latest devices, software, and components.

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