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Qualcomm Introduces Two Next Generation Sound Platforms – S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3.

By Peter Cooney / April 4, 2024
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Qualcomm has announced upgrades to some of its sound platform chips, with the S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3. Here we look at the major changes made. The S3 is aimed at mid-tier audio devices. Looking at the specs for gen 2 and gen 3 the major upgrades on the previous generation include: 2 x compute power An additional Kalimba DSP (2 instead of 1) Improved DAC […]

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Sonos releases new line of speakers

By Peter Cooney / March 2, 2023
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​Sonos has announced its new line of speakers. The Sonos Era 300 and 100 are coming in March. One huge update from previous Sonos speakers is that you can now line-in, and use Bluetooth. The Sonos non-portable range has previously only worked through Wi-Fi. The announcement that the Sonos sound will be enabled to other […]

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Meeting Owl 3: 360° video conferencing camera, mic, and speaker

By Joe Murray / July 19, 2022
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AI based conferencing system company, Owl Labs, has just released the latest product in its benchmark series the Meeting Owl 3. The premium series—while it has won multiple awards over the few years it has been active—still comes with numerous issues which the company has aimed to address in the latest edition, most notably the […]

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HP announces agreement to acquire Poly

By Joe Murray / April 5, 2022
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March 28th saw the announcement of a new planned acquisition of Poly by HP. The total deal has been valued at roughly 3.3 billion USD, at $40 per share, with HP taking on Poly’s debts. HP has claimed that they are hoping that Poly will help to strengthen their position in the peripherals market and […]

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Beyerdynamic build enterprise and consumer crossover speakerphone

By Joe Murray / March 2, 2022
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On the 3rd of march Beyerdynamic announced its new SPACE speakerphone. The device is optimised for both call quality and streaming ability, suggesting that the company believes that home offices are here to stay. Small speakerphones such as this one has however had issues in the past with voice clarity due to a dynamic voice […]

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