Meeting Owl 3: 360° video conferencing camera, mic, and speaker

AI based conferencing system company, Owl Labs, has just released the latest product in its benchmark series the Meeting Owl 3. The premium series—while it has won multiple awards over the few years it has been active—still comes with numerous issues which the company has aimed to address in the latest edition, most notably the audio quality when in a large room with more than a few participants. 

While the base device is retailing for $999, their solution comes in the form of an external microphone which forces the customer to pay an additional $199. While this does seem excessive and Owl Labs seem to be focusing their marketing on remote working, they continue to maintain a stable presence in the conferencing system market with regards to revenue by selling higher quantities to established companies. 

SAR believes that the future of business communication is through these two-in-one systems, however, with a drop in ASP due to rivalling companies releasing cheaper alternatives, premium brands may need to consider releasing more cost-effective solutions if they want to remain on top of the competition.

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