Joe Murray

Sennheiser’s latest headphones

Sennheiser has recently released what can be essentially viewed as a budget option for their MOMENTUM series. The new ACCENTUM wireless headphones are retailing for $150 less than the MOMENTUMs at $159.99 and are offering nearly identical features such hybrid ANC (just not adaptive like the MOMENTUM series), and fast charging. SAR Currently estimates that […]


IFA 2023 unveiled many interesting new products and even some surprising trends. SAR was there to ensure we got all the inside knowledge. Our first takeaway from the Berlin-based electronics show was the drive to XR. At SAR we have been anticipating the rise in these products for a few years now, however, IFA was […]

Solar power to improve speaker performance

​Urbanista has continued its venture into sustainable consumer devices by releasing a new light-powered speaker made from recycled materials. The speaker, which retails for $149, is fully waterproof and offers a USB-C charging port if the solar charge is not fast enough. While at SAR we don’t expect solar to be the primary source of […]

Wires vs Lossless Codecs

​Apple has just released the latest product from their subsidiary, Beats. The new Beats Studio Pro’s, which retail for $349.99, ironically still comes with wired connections. Despite Apple being the company that inspired many others to drop any connection holes from smartphones in the first place. This has been done to allow users to stream […]

Shokz enter the TWS market

Shokz has just announced its first TWS products with a twist. In a similar vein to how they have attempted to offer a safer solution to earbuds in the past without using audio transparency, their new earbuds offer what they are calling Air Conduction, which seems to be either Beamforming or something very similar. The […]

Apple Vision Pro

​As expected, Apple has just announced their first entry into the Extended Reality market. The Apple Vision Pro. Set to release in early 2024 and selling at a base price of $3,499, the new device will spark new life into the mixed reality market. Currently, the only large-scale device that uses mixed reality (a combination […]

AI in Consumer Devices

​It has been announced that Wimbledon will team up with IBM to produce AI-generated commentary. Within the last year, AI has been at the forefront of the news with new stories out every week on the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence which has been driven by the introduction of Transformer neural networks […]

Unity claim first lossless wireless headphones

Swiss headphone company, Unity, has just released a pair of what they are calling the worlds first wireless lossless headphones. The headphones use a proprietary technology called Full-Fidelity that allows the headphones to receive audio which takes advantages of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to capture audio quality at 24-bit/96kHz. Many would argue that consumer headphones […]

Head Acoustics offers LE Audio testing environment

​Head Acoustics has updated its solutions to support testing of the new Bluetooth LE Audio protocol. LE Audio, while it was announced in January 2020, it is only just come to market in the past year or so. One issue for companies adopting this technology into their portfolio of headphones is the risk of negative […]

JLab’s Work Buds

As expected, TWS earbuds entry into the Enterprise world is in full swing.  JLab’s new workbuds are now available to order. The new earbuds, retailing for $79.99, come with a detachable boom for use as either a consumer device for listening to music, or as a call ready headset. One glaring issue that SAR sees with […]

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