Shokz enter the TWS market

Shokz has just announced its first TWS products with a twist. In a similar vein to how they have attempted to offer a safer solution to earbuds in the past without using audio transparency, their new earbuds offer what they are calling Air Conduction, which seems to be either Beamforming or something very similar.

The new earbuds sit over the ear and target audio into the ear canal similar to how many audio glasses work. One notorious issue with these out-of-ear designs is the lack of low frequencies which Shokz has compensated for with their proprietary bass-boosting functionality.

Shokz tend to target a niche corner of the market and they have been relatively successful in doing so. This naturally makes them less popular than some of the big names in the market but allows them to get a strong grip on the sporty side of the earbuds market.

While SAR believes that these devices will not be game changers, they could massively boost the popularity and exposure of Shokz themselves as many consumers could be much more willing to purchase TWS devices over their historic tethered earbuds.

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