AI in Consumer Devices

​It has been announced that Wimbledon will team up with IBM to produce AI-generated commentary. Within the last year, AI has been at the forefront of the news with new stories out every week on the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence which has been driven by the introduction of Transformer neural networks in 2017.

While these language models, like the one being used at Wimbledon, are very expensive to train and run, they will eventually revolutionize the consumer market once made more widely available and are mounted onto smaller devices. Not only can they serve very near human-like responses for smart assistants, but they can also offer incredibly accurate real-time responses for live translation, massively improving the functionality of translation wearables.

SAR believes that the AI boom will be one of, if not the most major driver of change in the consumer market within the next decade offering massive opportunities to companies already in the consumer and AI spaces such as Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Joe Murray Market Analyst, DATA Lead

Joe is a market analyst for audio devices and technologies at SAR Insight & Consulting. He is tasked with analyzing, comparing, and forecasting new technologies, markets, and products in the industry.

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