IFA 2023 unveiled many interesting new products and even some surprising trends. SAR was there to ensure we got all the inside knowledge.

Our first takeaway from the Berlin-based electronics show was the drive to XR. At SAR we have been anticipating the rise in these products for a few years now, however, IFA was the first time that many of these companies were able to show off their new tech. One notable mention is TCL’s new XR glasses which are suspected to have a Q4 release and can display media through tiny screens within the glasses themselves. While they aren’t head tracking enabled, they will hopefully pave the way for not only AR glasses but hopefully scaled-down VR headsets for a comfier and more portable device.

In other headset news, many of the attending brands are prepping for Q4 and early 2024 LC3 headset releases, this is when SAR suspects mass adoption will begin, as long as connectivity isn’t still an issue. However, many low-end brands are sitting on the side lines until more LC3-compatible smartphones reach the market.

Many household appliance companies had a strong focus on two key trends, the obvious connected home trend such as LG’s ThinQ which is now present in nearly every new LG household product including their soon-to-be-released smart AI-enabled oven and microwave-turned-control hub. The second major focus was green appliances. Another honorable mention for home tech is WPC’s coreless induction hob and worktop that allows consumers to run an NFC-enabled device by simply placing it in the correct spot.

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