Peter Cooney

Peter Cooney is the founder of SAR Insight & Consulting. Peter has been tracking, analyzing and commenting on technology markets for almost 20 years. In that time he has headed practices at a number of leading analyst firms, managing teams of analysts across the world.

SAR publishes its updated MEMS Speaker study

SAR recently published its update on the MEMS Speaker market, one of the key changes in this edition is that the previous forecast expected the MEMS speaker market to take off in 2021 but this has been delayed by approximately 1 year.   Although there has been a delay in the market ramp, MEMS speaker vendors […]

Razer acquires Interhaptics to drive Haptics ecosystem

Congrats to Eric Vezzoli and his team on the announcement that gaming giant Razer will acquire haptics platform vendor Interhaptics. Razer has been investing in the use of haptics to enhance the gaming experience for a number of years, with products such as the Razer Nari Ultimate – a haptics enabled gaming headset and Razer […]

USound MEMS speakers enable new audio in-vehicle experiences

As discussed in SAR’s study on MEMS speakers (which is currently being updated MEMS Speaker Update 2022), automotive is one of the largest markets for speakers, with almost ½ billion speakers used per year. SAR is expecting MEMS speakers to start being used in automotive applications from 2023, in small volumes as OEMs trial their […]

Bluetooth SIG launches Auracast

The Bluetooth SIG launched Auracast™ this week. This is the brand name for the broadcast audio ability enabled by LE Audio. It has been eagerly waited for by the industry and is very interesting new way to use Bluetooth.   Regarding branding, this reminds me of previous attempts by technology organisations to stir up consumer […]

Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition

One of SAR’s clients alerted us to this piece of news. The Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition is interesting for many reasons, let’s consider the components first:  Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth 5.0 + proprietary RF chip  Dual Minebea linear motors for haptics feedback (supporting feedback from Windows and Steam games)  TDK InvenSense 6-axis gyroscope  This is demonstrating […]

Broadcom ships one billion Wi-Fi 6 and 6E chips

An amazing achievement by Broadcom, which clearly demonstrates the appetite for improved Wi-Fi connections. The inclusion of the 6GHz band (as well as other improvements) has led to “six times faster upload speeds, four times faster download speeds, four times better coverage and seven times better battery life than the previous Wi-Fi standard”, according to […]

TITAN’s first haptic motor packs a big punch in a small size

For those that don’t know, Titan Haptics is the new business unit of Nanoport, launched last year to own and market all the haptics products and operate as a separate brand. Nanoport also provides other products such as magnetic connectors.   Titan Haptics’ main product is its Linear Magnetic Rams (LMRs) haptic actuator. This particular press […]

Grupo Antolin and Uniphy partner to develop advanced smart surfaces for next generation in-car user-interfaces

More vendors are embracing the use of haptic feedback in automotive applications. Here, one of the leading automotive interior manufactures, Grupo Antolin, has collaborated with Uniphy, a supplier of “smart surfaces” created using its “optical touch” solution. Uniphy have also announced they are working with Hyundai Motor Group. This demonstrates a continuing drive towards new ways […]

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