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Peter Cooney is the founder of SAR Insight & Consulting. Peter has been tracking, analyzing and commenting on technology markets for almost 20 years. In that time he has headed practices at a number of leading analyst firms, managing teams of analysts across the world.

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Aspinity Raises $5 Million Series B Funding

Aspinity, the “analog machine learning chip” vendor, announced series B funding of $5 million, with a new strategic partner Korean automotive distributor – Unitrontech. Aspinity’s  RAMP™ (Reconfigurable Analog Module Processor) technology is a unique solution that enables ultra low power always on sensing and can be used in a wide range of applications. Aspinity highlights use cases such as […]

Cirrus Logic Helps Ease PC Industry Transition to New MIPI SoundWire® Interface

Source: ​​​Soundwire, initially launched in 2014, serves as a common interface to facilitate audio features and functions across diverse devices. It underwent an update in 2022 to extend its reach in the market by supporting more sophisticated audio components. The PC space is seen as fertile ground for audio improvement. Several vendors are seeking to […]

Stellantis Implements Multifaceted Semiconductor Strategy to Ensure Supply Security, Drive Innovation

​​In a bid to stave off further automotive supply chain issues, automotive group Stellantis has entered into agreements with leading semiconductor vendors such as Infineon, NXP, onsemi and Qualcomm to purchase more than €10 billion worth of products through 2030. Stellantis cites SiC MOSFETS, MCUs and SoCs as some vital products included in the deal. It’s linked to […]

Sony and Honda’s “Afeela” car showcases automotive’s high-tech future

This release highlights several high-level trends in automotive. Traditional car makers are coming up against more competition from consumer electronics brands. The smart ones will seek partnerships to remain relevant and to help them catapult ahead of the competition. These partnerships will involve multiple different types of company car OEMs, consumer electronics brands and semiconductor […]

Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 Sound Platform Portfolio

​​Qualcomm has announced an update to the Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 Sound platform portfolio, which is optimised for gaming. Latency is perhaps the biggest issue that is holding back widespread adoption of Bluetooth for gaming, many vendors continue to rely on proprietary RF to ensure latency is minimised. SAR Insight has talked about this many times. […]

Qualcomm Open to Working With PlayStation on Handheld System

​​While this news story isn’t very enlightening it does lead to some more interesting thoughts on the handheld gaming market. The announcement of Sony’s Project Q, which is a handheld device “for playing games installed on your PS5 and streamed over WiFi”. Project Q is Sony’s answer to compete in the growing handheld gaming market, dominated […]

Windows 11 Adds Bluetooth LE Audio Support

This announcement demonstrates that Bluetooth LE Audio is soon to become mainstream. It’s addition to the Windows 11 will bring this to a very wide audience and allow new Bluetooth LE Audio enabled peripheral devices, such as TWS earbuds, to connect to millions of Windows PCs. SAR expects the number of Bluetooth LE Audio enabled […]

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