GreenWaves’ GAP9 processor for hearables and smart sensors

GreenWaves’ ultra low power processor is gaining interest from the market especially in the smart portable audio devices such as TWS earbuds, etc. 

GreenWaves is a fabless semiconductor company found in 2014 and their headquarter is located France. 

GAP8 was GreenWaves’ first generation low power processor introduced in 2018. GAP9 is second generation processor after GAP8 and it comes with several breakthroughs. 

GAP9 comes with proprietary processor architecture that can enable machine learning at a very low power compared to other processors available in the market. This is one of the strong benefits of GAP9 as smart portable audio devices are mostly run on a battery. In addition to the low power advantage, GAP9 can do audio algorithms more effectively such as high-performance ANC and capabilities of handling multiple LC3 audio streams. 

GAP9 can be especially interesting to TWS earbuds developers as the device can offload audio processing from the TWS SoC significantly. In addition, TWS earbuds developers can add their own unique machine learning algorithms regardless of the processing limitation on the TWS SoC. 

It will be quite interesting to watch how GAP9 will make noise in the market.

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Dr. Seongcheol Jang Director, Voice Technologies

Dr. Jang is Director of SAR’s UI Practice Area, providing market insights on the latest devices, software, and components.

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