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eMobility & Electrification

We have published a White Paper offering insight into SAR’s eMobility & Electrification research, including:
  • Background & Direction
  • ​Overview of eMobility Service
  • ​Forecasts – BEV, PHEV, and ICE from 2021 to 2030
  • ​Forecasts – Significant growth of BEV & PHEV, Major Segments
  • ​Forecasts – Regional
  • ​Client Support for strategy towards eMobilty & Electrification
  • ​Ecosystem Mapping
  • ​Custom Consultancy
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SAR eMobility & Electrification White Paper Overview:

SAR transitioned its legacy automotive research into an eMobility service under the Power TPA in early 2021 and has continued to expand coverage of vehicle categories and regional demand.Vehicle electrification is occurring rapidly across the globe. Many governments have committed to targets for transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), which have lower emissions, do not directly burn fossil fuels, and therefore claim to be more environmentally friendly than traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. SAR forecasts that in 2029 global sales of EVs will overtake global sales of ICE vehicles and in 2030, EVs will account for almost 60% of global annual vehicle sales

By understanding the market opportunities during this rapid transition, companies can capitalize on the related changing product requirements and new relationships which need to be formed. SAR’s eMobility service tracks and forecasts sales of ICE, BEV and PHEV vehicles in 10 different regions. It includes passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, e-Motorcylces, e-Bikes, e-Mopeds, golf carts, busses, heavy commercial vehicles and RoboTaxis.

SAR is now organized and staffed into three Technology Practice Areas (TPA)​: Audio, UI and Power. The wide selection of services we have always offered are classified into these three areas. This enables a focused research development effort with a dedicated expert analyst staff​.Ryan Sanderson, Research Director, joined the team in late 2020 to lead Power research, with a wealth of experience in power semiconductors, power management, power supplies, battery technologies and wireless power.

SAR’s eMobility service falls under its Power TPA and is complemented by several intelligence services which analyse market developments associated with the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to those which use battery power.

SAR’s other services which cover other aspects of vehicle electrification include:

  • EV Charging Service
  • eMobility Battery Management Report
  • Battery Demand & Capacity Service
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