Google shares Pixel Buds Pro international details: Countries, prices, and color availability

At this year’s Google I/O, a new TWS earbuds has been announced. The newly announced Pixel Buds Pro is Google’s first TWS earbuds with ANC.

The previous version, Pixel Buds 2, was based on TWS SoC from Bestechnic (BES2300) and it is quite interesting to see which TWS IC platforms are used for Pixel Buds Pro.

At the Google I/O, it is said that the Pixel Buds Pro has a newly developed custom audio processor with 6 cores (more likely a customized audio DSP) inside. Also, Google emphasized the fact that it provides best noise cancelling performance available today due to the new custom audio chip and newly developed algorithm. The noise cancelling algorithm is said to be developed internally at Google. Support for spatial audio will be available via a firmware update toward the end of the year.

SAR thinks that the custom audio processor is Google’s own design as they acquired the audio team and part of audio hardware business including patents from Synaptics in December, 2020.

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