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We also work on many other types of custom projects. See more samples by following the link below!

Need To Answer to A Question Not Covered by Our Standard Market Research Products? Tap Into the SAR Insight Analyst Knowledgebase

The same expert analyst team that creates the industry’s “gold-standard” market research for the Audio, Voice/UI, and Power market segments are now available for custom research projects. Do you need a customized market survey coupled with analysis? How about an analysis of a specific competitor’s technology or new product launch? Or a consumer research survey to analyse market trends or validate a product launch? We can supply answers to these and a host of other qualitative and quantitative market research questions. It is much more affordable than you think. Our team can quickly turn around detailed answers to your specific technology, market share, forecast, and competitive analysis questions.

Let’s take a look at a recent SAR custom project:

The Client Challenge

A major semiconductor company was preparing to create a new line of audio power amplifiers. The pressing question: Determine what speakerphone feature set additions their customer base would find attractive and differentiating. Their product marketing team wanted to ensure that their new product would solve problems their competition could not address.

The SAR Insight Custom Research Answer

Within days of receiving project approval, a group of SAR “subject-matter” expert analysts rapidly crafted a fully custom consumer user survey with 10 carefully worded, probing questions. We worked with experts in consumer survey creation to hone the questions and collaborated with the client on every step of the process. The team created a summary report and white paper containing technical analysis. The white paper was shared across multiple SAR platforms (website, LinkedIn, etc.) in order to help maximize its reach. On-time and on budget. We met the challenge.

Take a look at the attached white paper to the left for a detailed view of a typical custom project. Do you have a unique, time-sensitive Audio, Voice/UI, or Power related market research question? Contact us at +44 (0)1392 580 960 or, and let’s discuss a SAR Custom Research solution.

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