NuCurrent Transforms the Audio Collaboration Experience with NFC Charging

NuCurrent is a prominent member of the wireless power industry, specialising in developing wireless charging solutions for novel applications. Earlier this year, NuCurrent announced that it was partnering with Poly to implement wireless charging into devices and equipment. This partnership has resulted in the new Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Bluetooth headset utilising NuCurrent’s NuSync technology. NuSync is purportedly the world’s highest power Near-Field Communication (NFC) transfer system, enabling rapid, wireless charging while also facilitating seamless data transfer and firmware updates during charging. Notably, it powers the headset at 1.8 watts.

NFC wireless charging is still in the early stages of adoption, the small size of the components allows it to be used in applications that are unsuitable for larger Qi style coils. The adoption of NuSync into Poly’s new product marks a rare case of a headset adopting any form of wireless charging. The only audio products that currently use wireless charging are TWS charging cases as the form factor of most audio products does not allow for the inclusion of wireless charging coils. NFC coils are considerably smaller than Qi coils, making NFC based wireless charging an ideal solution for headsets and earpieces. If the technology proves successful it is likely that other companies will follow suit with wireless charging headsets as well as adoption into many more applications from wearables to medical devices. SAR Insight & Consulting quantifies and forecasts the wireless charging market including the market for NFC wireless charging as part of its Wireless Power and Charging Technologies service.

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