Ross Denyer

DeepCharge develops universal wireless charging

DeepCharge has developed a smart charging technology that claims to remove some of the most difficult challenges related to wireless charging. DeepCharge claim that the technology will be able to charge everything from smart phones and laptops through to power tools and industrial robots. A power supply fitted beneath a table or desk with supporting […]

Navitas GaN IC selected for Vivo’s 8” screen foldable phone

As more manufacturers are choosing to remove the packaged charger from smartphones, Vivo have decided to go in a different direction by not only continuing to include a charger with its new flagship “X Fold”, they have chosen to include a dual port 80W GaN charger. GaN technology allows for more efficient and more compact […]

Evaluation Kit supports OTA wireless power transfer solutions

Energous, the developer of the RF based wireless power technology WattUp, have partnered with Atmosic, an energy harvesting technology company, to release an evaluation kit for wirelessly charged sensors. The evaluation kit includes Atmosic sensors and an Energous transmitter and is intended to be used by consumers who are intending to set up an IoT […]

Microchip enables Qi 1.3 wireless charging with authentication

The Wireless Power Consortium’s latest version of its Qi specification includes an authentication protocol which allows wireless power transmitters and devices being charged (wireless power receivers) to understand whether each holds a valid Qi certificate. Microchip have announced the new industrial grade TrustFLEX ECC608 and automotive grade Trust Anchor TA100 with Microchip secure key provisioning […]

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