Ross Denyer

2023 GMC Sierra gets limited wireless phone charging availability

Pick-up trucks are one of the best-selling types of vehicles worldwide, as such the equipment they ship with can have a significant effect on a market. Wireless phone charging is becoming more and more popular in the automotive world with most new vehicles having an option to either add one as an accessory or include […]

USB-C standardization may be coming into India

Several mobile device makers as well as associations representing technology companies in India have announced that they will be making USB Type-C the standard charging port for electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A timeline for the transition has not been given, but it is not expected to come into effect until after the […]

Lightning eMotors wants to offer wireless EV fleet charging after 2023 demos

Lightning eMotors have announced a collaboration with wireless charging provider HEVO. Lightning started out as a specialist company helping automakers convert existing platforms into electric vehicles and have since branched out into producing their own EVs. Lightning’s collaboration with HEVO is set to implement wireless charging throughout its range of fleet vehicles which will be […]

Zeus the world’s smallest 270w GaN USB-C charger

A new GaN based charger from asap Technologies is said to be the world’s first and smallest 270W USB charger. The Zeus features 3 USB type-C ports and one USB type-A port alongside a small screen showing the real time output power of each port. The Zeus has a maximum output of 270W and a […]

IQOO 10 Pro to reach 200W charging speeds

The new IQOO 10 Pro has been announced, reportedly able to reach charging speeds of 200W via a wired connection, making the IQOO 10s 120W speed seem paltry by comparison. The charging speed of the Pro is far beyond what most of the laptop market can achieve and allows the device to charge from 0-100% […]

GaN Systems and PowerSphyr advance partnership to deliver comprehensive wireless power solutions

PowerSphyr Inc is a company specialising in automotive and industrial applications of wireless energy. PowerSphyr have teamed with GaN Systems to deliver an industry first portfolio of end-to-end wireless power solutions for automotive and industrial applications. These solutions are rated at 30W, 100W, and 500W.  Wireless power transfer is an ideal application for GaN based […]

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