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New Florida-built electric speedboat offers high power and solar charging

Blue Innovations Group (BIG), an electric boat startup founded by a former Tesla executive, has unveiled its inaugural electric boat, the R30, blending features of an electric powerboat and a day cruiser. With a spacious 30-foot design capable of accommodating 12 passengers, the R30 prioritizes safety, performance, style, and environmental friendliness, according to CEO John […]

Tesla To Build Cheapest Car Yet in Germany

Tesla reportedly plans to manufacture a €25,000 ($26,838) electric car at its factory in Berlin. This prospective new model will be considerably less expensive than the Model 3 which is the lowest priced model in Tesla’s current line-up, the base model of which costs in excess of €40,000 ($43,000). The currently untitled new electric car will aim […]

Amazon Introduces Two New Robotic Solutions

Amazon is well known for its use of robotic solutions, with over 750,000 robots in use across its operations. Amazon has now introduced two new robotic solutions, Sequoia and Digit. Sequoia, currently operational in Amazon’s Houston fulfillment centre, integrates multiple robotic systems including mobile robots and robotic arms to deliver containerized inventory to a gantry […]

NuCurrent Transforms the Audio Collaboration Experience with NFC Charging

NuCurrent is a prominent member of the wireless power industry, specialising in developing wireless charging solutions for novel applications. Earlier this year, NuCurrent announced that it was partnering with Poly to implement wireless charging into devices and equipment. This partnership has resulted in the new Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Bluetooth headset utilising NuCurrent’s NuSync technology. […]

Genesis to End Wireless EV Charging

Genesis, a luxury brand and subsidiary of Hyundai, released the first ever commercially available EV to feature wireless vehicle charging from the factory in the Genesis GV60 featuring technology developed by WiTricity. Genesis will no longer be offering this feature or continuing to develop wireless vehicle charging in general. This is due to the cost […]

NFC Forum Calls on Product Designers to Accelerate Use of NFC Wireless Charging

The NFC Forum, a leading standards body for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has launched an educational campaign encouraging product designers to incorporate wireless charging capabilities via NFC. The NFC Wireless Charging Standard (NFC WLC) is tailored for smaller personal and IoT devices than other wireless charging standards such as Qi from the Wireless Power […]

Belkin and Anker Announce First Qi2 Compatible Products

​Belkin and Anker, two of the biggest players in the consumer electronics wireless charging industry, have both announced their first wireless charging Tx devices with Qi2 compatibility. Belkin has introduced a 3-in1 charging pad coming toward the end of 2023 and a second charger that can be converted from a pad to a stand will […]

Spark Connected and Infineon Technologies Unveil 500W Wireless Charging Module

Spark Connected and Infineon Technologies have jointly launched the Yeti 500W wireless charging module, a 500W wireless charging system designed for industrial applications such as machinery, robots, and electric vehicles. The module boasts over 95% efficiency, robust misalignment tolerance, compatibility with various battery types, and incorporated safety features, including over-voltage and overcurrent protection. Infineon’s PSoC™ […]

Yank Technologies Secure Prestigious NASA SBIR Contract

Yank Technologies is a US based company that specialises in long-range, high-power wireless charging technology for the industrial and automotive sectors. Yank Technologies has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by NASA. This contract is to develop wireless charging solutions for autonomous lunar vehicles, these solutions are expected to be able to […]

Powercast and Powermat partner to create first one-stop-shop to deliver wireless power ranging from SmartInductive to RF at 120ft

Powercast and Powermat are partnering to create a team capable of implementing both Powermat’s short-range hybrid inductive/resonance technology and Powercasts long-range RF-based wireless power technology. This team is intended to support clients from proof of concept through prototyping and on to production, a similar business model to Nucurrent, a company specialising in both inductive and […]

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