Chinese car company NETA first to use Infineon’s new generation BMS solution


Chinese vehicle manufacturer NETA Auto announced it is the first to implement Infineon’s latest battery management system (BMS), in its NETA vehicle series. The BMS solution comprises of Infineon’s Li-ion battery monitoring and balancing analog front-end IC (TLE9012DQU), its iso UART transceiver IC (TLE9015DQU) and main controller AurixTM MCU. 

Focused on reducing the overall BOM cost whilst increasing monitoring accuracy and overall vehicle range, this reflects the aim of all next generation BMS. On average around 10 analog front-end battery monitor ICs are daisy chained together in a passenger car battery electric vehicle BMS. SAR’s Battery Management Service predicts that the analog front-end market for eMobility will more than double from 2022 to 2027 to be worth almost $1 billion.  

Ryan Sanderson Director, Power Technologies

Ryan is Director of Power Research at SAR Insight & Consulting which spans power supply, conversion, control and management from a component and enabling technology perspective.

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