Ryan Sanderson

Infineon’s new Battery Management ICs

Infineon has expanded its battery monitoring and balancing range with several new chips designed for use in battery management systems (BMS). The TLE9012DQU is its latest analog front-end battery monitor, capable of monitoring up to 12 battery cells connected in series and provides cell voltage measurements, temperature measurement, cell balancing and communication to the main […]

Nitecore camera batteries adopt USB Type-C charging

The adoption of USB Type-C has unified charging across many devices including mobile phones, laptop PCs, wireless audio and portable battery packs. A common connector has not only allowed for waste reduction from redundant power adapters but also in many cases standardisation around fast charging using protocols such as USB power delivery (PD).  There are […]

Rivian CEO warns of looming electric-vehicle battery shortage

EV manufacturer Rivian voiced its concerns over the EV battery supply chain in a recent article, claiming that all the world’s current battery cell production amounts for under 10% of what will be required in 10 years to meet EV demand. SAR Insight predicts that annual global sales of BEVs and PHEVs passenger cars combined […]

Tesla set to open up UK Supercharger network soon

Rumours of Tesla opening its Supercharger network to other EV users in the UK have emerged. The move that could apparently happen within the coming weeks, follows a similar agreement across Europe in parts of Tesla’s network in France and Norway, and its entire Dutch network last month.  Whilst Tesla Superchargers only represent around 2.5% […]

GaN systems showcases world’s smallest GaN chargers at APEC

Increasing power density in power adapter & charger designs continues to be a market driver for GaN components. Consumers are tired of carrying around a “brick” to enable them to power and charge their portable devices, and power adapter manufacturers have been addressing consumer demands. Additional trends towards faster charging and the requirement for a […]

Navitas announces world’s first 20-year warranty for GaN ICs

The increased use of GaN components over silicon counterparts in many applications typically centres around producing a more efficient design, reducing losses and therefore heat, and enabling a more compact solution. The additional benefit of greater reliability is, however, apparent from Navitas’s latest move to introduce a 20-year warranty on its GaN components. Whilst it’s […]

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