Ryan Sanderson

Chinese car company NETA first to use Infineon’s new generation BMS solution

  Chinese vehicle manufacturer NETA Auto announced it is the first to implement Infineon’s latest battery management system (BMS), in its NETA vehicle series. The BMS solution comprises of Infineon’s Li-ion battery monitoring and balancing analog front-end IC (TLE9012DQU), its iso UART transceiver IC (TLE9015DQU) and main controller AurixTM MCU.  Focused on reducing the overall […]

EU confirms ban on sale of fossil fuel cars from 2035

  The EU has announced a new law to officially ban the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles which burn fossil fuels (petrol and diesel) from 2035. The new laws passed in European Parliament stated that carmakers must achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions by 3025, meaning that the 27 member states […]

WiTricity licenses wireless charging tech to Wiferion

Wiferion have licensed wireless charging technology from WiTricity. Wiferion is a provider of mobile power supplies for a range of industrial applications that are specifically designed for use with wireless power solutions. Wiferion’s solutions are used in fleet vehicles such as trucks and forklifts as well as robots.  WiTricity are one of the foremost providers […]

Infineon’s new Battery Management ICs

Infineon has expanded its battery monitoring and balancing range with several new chips designed for use in battery management systems (BMS). The TLE9012DQU is its latest analog front-end battery monitor, capable of monitoring up to 12 battery cells connected in series and provides cell voltage measurements, temperature measurement, cell balancing and communication to the main […]

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