MediaTek is getting ready to spin off its Airoha subsidiary

In the past several years, Airoha became quite successful in Bluetooth audio related markets and more recently, it has had significant success in the TWS earbuds market, with customers including Sony, Beats by Apple, JBL by Harman, Skullcandy and Xiaomi. 

Qualcomm’s once large dominant position in the Bluetooth headset market (through its CSR acquisition) has been eroded over the last few years, with competitors such as Airoha taking a larger share of the market, especially in the TWS earbuds market. 

Airoha has been a subsidiary of MediaTek since 2017 and has seen strong growth. According to this article “MediaTek is expecting Airoha to see a revenue growth of around 30 percent in 2022, from 2021 revenues of around US$562 million”.  

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