Dyson announces ANC over ear headphones with Air purifier

Although these headphones look like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie they actually boast some pretty impressive features. Full active noise cancellation, air purification via an external face covering, full Bluetooth connectivity and an app that tells you more about the air quality you are in.  

Dyson have always been innovators when it comes to air purification, we just need to look at their extensive range of free-standing air purifiers/heaters/fans. Dyson have taken their knowledge from this market and incorporated it into a set of headphones. The headphones draw dirty air through a set of filters in each earcup. Subsequently the purified air is then pumped straight in front of the users face. With air quality being a hot topic at the moment this doesn’t seem like the craziest idea for those busy morning commutes.  The headphones are also able to function without the use of the front visor.  

Not many more details are available now, such as battery life or price how ever we expect more details to come in soon. 

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