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SAR's Competitive EDGE briefings provides timely guidance, insight and opinion on the topics our analysts are following on a weekly basis. Looking at the latest trends and technologies, Competitive EDGE briefings address all areas of our coverage.

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What is AVAS and Why is it Important?


Will chat AI lead to a voice resurgence?

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What is AVAS and Why is it Important?


Will chat AI lead to a voice resurgence?

AppleStore (2)

Apple rumoured to enter the home robot market

NirvanaEutopia (1)

New boat Nirvana Eutopia headphones enabled by Ceva

S5S3 (1)

Qualcomm Introduces Two Next Generation Sound Platforms – S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3.


Qualcomm preparing for the rise of multi-use case earbuds

AmbiqLogo (1)

Ambiq Apollo510 Delivers 30x Power Efficiency Improvement to Unleash Endpoint AI

Headphones2024 (1)

Headphones State of the Industry 2024, Updated Forecasts

KithEarbuds (1)

Open-Ear Headphones on the Rise

RenaultScenic (1)

Renault Scenic E-tech, Audio and Infotainment Collaboration

BoseUltraOpenEarbuds (1)

Bose enters open-ear headphone market

SHARPGoogle (1)

Google TV Exec Says Televisions Could Become the Central Hub of the Home

EchoShow (1)

Amazon’s Echo Hub is launched

SCMan (1)

A Return to Semiconductor Market Growth Ahead

Polestar3 (1)

Dirac and Polestar collaborate to create next-gen in-car audio system for the Polestar 3

PS5 (1)

Sony’s PlayStation 6 Rumours

JBLPartySpeaker (1)

JBL’s New Party Speakers

GOA6219 (1)

Charging Ahead: Solar-Powered Headphones. Future Headphone Market Growth?

RingDoorbell (1)

New Ring “Battery Doorbell Pro” with several technology upgrades

RNCSchematic (1)

Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) Systems See Rapid Growth

OnePlus12 (1)

OnePlus 12 Set to Launch Worldwide

S24 (1)

Samsung’s New Flagship – The S24 Ultra

BYDHan (1)

EVs are going gangbusters in Australia

BushnellWingman (1)

Golfers Tee Up With Speakers

WarwickSpeakers (1)

The paper-thin speakers set to transform car audio

MW75 (1)

Master & Dynamics mind reading headphones


Worlds first IMAX certified long-throw projector

CES2024 (1)

CES 2024 Round Up – Sustainability, Smart Homes, AI for Voice, Audio Platforms and Ambient IoT


The World’s First 137 inch Unfolding TV at CES 2024


SmartThings Partners with Eve Systems to Revolutionize Home Energy Management

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