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SAR's Competitive EDGE briefings provides timely guidance, insight and opinion on the topics our analysts are following on a weekly basis. Looking at the latest trends and technologies, Competitive EDGE briefings address all areas of our coverage.

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What is Active Sound Design (ASD)?


What is AVAS and Why is it Important?

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SmartThings Partners with Eve Systems to Revolutionize Home Energy Management

HarmanRoon (1)

HARMAN Acquires Roon


Creative Aurvana Ace Series: Precision in Every Note

HumaneAIPin (1)

Humane launches Ai Pin

HHGC (1)

Upcoming handheld gaming consoles to look out for in 2023

SmartThermo (1)

Smart Home Technology: The Coolest Way to Save Energy and Stay Toasty

PS5Con (1)

PS5 is fully stocked for first time and on track for record sales this year

SamsungDT (1)

Samsung Partners With SoundHound and White Castle to Revolutionize Voice AI Drive-Thrus With Next-Gen Display Technology

QCR (1)

Qualcomm Releases the 2023 State of Sound Report

MetaQ3 (1)

Meta’s New Quest 3 is Here

SennACT (1)

Sennheiser’s latest headphones

BoseQCU (1)

Bose embraces LE audio and proprietary spatial audio

XboxRefresh (1)

New Xbox Designs for 2024 Leaked

Aspinity (1)

Aspinity Raises $5 Million Series B Funding

IFA (1)


Beolab8 (1)

Bang & Olufsen Unveils Its New Beolab 8 Wireless Speaker

LGThinQ (1)

Samsung Unveils Vision for AI-Powered Home Appliances Revolution

Urbanista (1)

Solar power to improve speaker performance

JLGarmin (1)

Garmin signs purchase agreement to acquire JL Audio, a highly regarded audio solutions manufacturer

USound (4)

Exotic New Silicon-Based Speakers Are Coming to Next-Generation Earbuds


Cirrus Logic Helps Ease PC Industry Transition to New MIPI SoundWire® Interface

BeatsSP (1)

Wires vs Lossless Codecs

TT (1)

TikTok beta tests premium only streaming service

Stellantis (1)

Stellantis Implements Multifaceted Semiconductor Strategy to Ensure Supply Security, Drive Innovation

Afeela (1)

Sony and Honda’s “Afeela” car showcases automotive’s high-tech future

ShokzOF (1)

Shokz enter the TWS market

QCS3 (1)

Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 Sound Platform Portfolio

UEPrem (1)

Knowles Balanced Armatures Pack High-Fidelity Punch into 21-Driver UE PREMIER IEM


Sunplus and WiSA Technologies Partner to Enable Cost-Effective Atmos Soundbar Applications up to 7.1.4 Configurations

AppleVP (1)

Apple Vision Pro

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