Golfers Tee Up With Speakers

The news snippet highlights the increasing popularity of speakers on the golf course and provides some useful information for golfers who are interested in purchasing a speaker for the course. What makes this article particularly interesting is the GPS functionality of the speaker models considered, which sets them apart from other speakers on the market.

It’s fascinating to see how portable speakers are being used in new and innovative ways, and the golf course is no exception. The extended battery life of Bluetooth speakers makes them ideal for use during long games, and the additional functionalities such as GPS distance tracking can be a real game-changer for golfers. Bushnell, the company referred to in the news snippet, has some clear leverage in this market with their impressive GPS functionality, which can help golfers assess distances with ease. According to the news coverage, “Bushnell are best known for their market leading laser rangefinders, while they also make some of the best golf watches.”

In addition to the GPS functionality, the article also notes that some golfers prefer to play in silence, while others enjoy listening to music or other audio content while they play. This is one use case for portable speakers which I hadn’t previously come across, but it’s definitely a market which could see some traction due to the extended lifetime of Bluetooth speakers which can outlast many golf games.

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