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SAR's Competitive EDGE briefings provides timely guidance, insight and opinion on the topics our analysts are following on a weekly basis. Looking at the latest trends and technologies, Competitive EDGE briefings address all areas of our coverage.

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What is Active Sound Design (ASD)?


What is AVAS and Why is it Important?

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AI in Consumer Devices

ProjQ (1)

Qualcomm Open to Working With PlayStation on Handheld System

SonyM (1)

Sony Music chief talks streaming, short-form, gaming and AI in investor presentation

WinLaptop (1)

Windows 11 Adds Bluetooth LE Audio Support

Unity (1)

Unity claim first lossless wireless headphones

DTW (1)

Synaptics Showcases AI-Enabled Vega Technology

HA (1)

Head Acoustics offers LE Audio testing environment

PanaAvio (1)

Panasonic Avionics to partner with HEAR360 to bring Spatial Audio to the air

InfineonHQ (1)

Infineon Breaks Ground on 300-mm Fab in Dresden

JLabWB (1)

JLab’s Work Buds

XiaomiQQSav (1)

Xiaomi and QQ Music teamed up with Savitech’s LHDC 5.0 to wirelessly release “master tape level” 24bit/192kHz audio quality

HondaAI (1)

SoundHound Announces Chat AI For Automotive Voice Assistant

MagV3 (1)

Wired Earbuds Are Cool Again

Laptop (1)

Haptics Touchpad Ecosystem Continues to Grow

Apple (1)

Will Apple abandon button design change?


xMEMS brings speakers plus programmable vent to production

GoogleDisplay (1)

Google ends updates and effectively kills third-party assistant smart displays

TWS (2)

Knowles Releases High-Performance Digital Voice Vibration Sensor for High-Fidelity Voice Pick-Up in TWS

PSB (1)

PSB Speakers, Sonical and MQA announce partnership to create next-generation headphones

STMicroChip (1)

ST Strengthens position in the TWS sensor market


NuraTrue Pro earbuds offer custom sound and exceptional spatial audio

AP (1)

Will UWB change the world of headphones?

Mic (1)


SonosEra (1)

Sonos releases new line of speakers

RazerLeviathan (1)

World’s first beamforming soundbar tracks your head

CB (1)

Latest quarter results from major semis vendors are a mixed bag, but generally it is a quarter of decline


New Netflix spatial audio powered by Sennheiser


GMC Hummer EV supertruck launches with Bose Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement Technology

InfineonLogo (1)

Infineon fosters the adoption of its innovative multilevel Class D audio amplifier technology through an ecosystem of associated partners


xMEMS and Bujeon Electronics announce immediate availability of 2-way speaker modules for hi-res, lossless TWS earbuds

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