Worlds first IMAX certified long-throw projector

XGIMI has recently announced a new smart-projector offering called HORIZON MAX at CES. The projector is designed to be a long-throw device and comes with an IMAX certification. The projector’s design is reminiscent of an old-style radio with horizontal bars at the bottom, which gives it a unique look.

IMAX certification is a quality standard that ensures the highest quality playback in the home with regard to resolution, color, brightness, contrast, and sound. It is a certification program from IMAX corporation and multi-channel audio specialist DTS. Any piece of audio and/or visual home cinema equipment or content bearing the IMAX Enhanced badge is guaranteed to have met a certain standard; a standard that supposedly represents an outstanding home cinema experience. In the case of HORIZON MAX, the IMAX certification means that the projector has met the high standards set by IMAX and DTS for the best picture and sound quality around.

It is worth noting that IMAX certification does not necessarily mean that the device is capable of format playback. For example, Sony 360 Reality Audio headphones are certified to have good sound, but they still require a software decoder via the source device to experience the 360 Reality Audio format

According to the news coverage, other standout features on the HORIZON MAX are “auto keystone and focus correction”. WHAT HIFI? goes on to say, “Xgimi is calling this a “projector on autopilot”. The Intelligent Screen Adaptation 5.0 (or ISA) system will quickly adjust the picture to best suit the screen or, in many users’ cases, the wall that you’ll be projecting onto. If you are planning on projecting onto a wall then fear not, as this projector will intelligently recognize different surfaces and adapt the picture as necessary.” Anecdotally, the amount of time I’ve spent adjusting a projector to get the best picture soon adds up, so this prospect is very exciting!

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