Yamaha launches TW-E5B wireless earbuds

Yamaha decided to release their new headphones on World Hearing Day. This falls in line with Yamaha’s “Thinking About Hearing Health” campaign. The campaign highlights how listening to loud music over prolonged periods of time will damage hearing.  

Yamaha re-entered the headphone market in 2019. All their TWS earbuds released since then have incorporated Yamaha’s Listening Care Technology. This technology uses equalization to intelligently trick the user into hearing all of the frequency ranges without having to boost volume.  

Also incorporated into the headphones are QUALCOMM’s Bluetooth 5.2 chip with improved passive noise isolation.  

SAR has just published the 2022 TWS update. You can see more details here.

Nick Wright Market Analyst, Headphones & Speakers

Nick is a market analyst for audio devices and technologies at SAR Insight & Consulting. He is tasked with analyzing, comparing, and forecasting new technologies, markets, and products in the industry.

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