Cirrus Logic Helps Ease PC Industry Transition to New MIPI SoundWire® Interface

By Peter Cooney / August 4, 2023
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​​​Soundwire, initially launched in 2014, serves as a common interface to facilitate audio features and functions across diverse devices. It underwent an update in 2022 to extend its reach in the market by supporting more sophisticated audio components. The PC space is seen as fertile ground for audio improvement. Several vendors are seeking to rejuvenate a […]

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Haptics Touchpad Ecosystem Continues to Grow

By Peter Cooney / April 26, 2023
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The usage of haptic touchpads in laptops continues to surge forward, with new devices launched regularly and an increasing number of suppliers to the market. This recent press release highlights the use of Taifang’s ForcePad 2.0 solution in LG’s new gram laptops. Taifang is one of many touchpad module vendors that have been advancing the […]

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Patent published for piezo MEMS microphone by AAC Technologies 

By Peter Cooney / March 9, 2022
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This piezo MEMS Microphone patent was filed back in 2020 and was granted 1 March 2022. “The invention provides a piezoelectric micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) microphone includes a base with a cavity and a piezoelectric diaphragm arranged on the base.” Right now, this appears to be the only significant competitor device to Vesper MEMS products.   Whether […]

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