Haptics Touchpad Ecosystem Continues to Grow

The usage of haptic touchpads in laptops continues to surge forward, with new devices launched regularly and an increasing number of suppliers to the market. This recent press release highlights the use of Taifang’s ForcePad 2.0 solution in LG’s new gram laptops.

Taifang is one of many touchpad module vendors that have been advancing the role of haptics in laptops, they join suppliers including Aito, Sensel, Synaptics and more (see image).

The ecosystem of component and module vendors is growing and helping laptop OEMs move towards thinner, lighter laptops.

Next steps for the market include lowering cost, closer to that of mass market touchpads, to enable wider usage of haptics touchpads and increasing size of the touchpad area.

As touchpad area increases, there is a need for additional actuators, and this leads to a need for control of multiple actuators using advanced algorithms and control techniques such as those that have been demonstrated in the games controller market.

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