Cirrus Logic Helps Ease PC Industry Transition to New MIPI SoundWire® Interface


​​​Soundwire, initially launched in 2014, serves as a common interface to facilitate audio features and functions across diverse devices. It underwent an update in 2022 to extend its reach in the market by supporting more sophisticated audio components.

The PC space is seen as fertile ground for audio improvement. Several vendors are seeking to rejuvenate a market that has predominantly been monopolized by a handful of audio component providers, most notably Realtek. SAR estimates that around 300 million laptops/PCs are shipped each year. Given these figures, it is no wonder that audio component vendors are eager to penetrate this market, especially during an era that demands diversification due to the declining smartphone market.

There’s a clear opportunity for advancement in PC audio technology, and Soundwire could be a critical element in enabling this progress.

As I said in the press release “The migration toward the SoundWire interface brings needed improvement and forward progress to PC audio design, but for OEMs it still means a platform change. Industry leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, Cirrus Logic and others have not only been working toward enriching future audio experience for users but also aiding PC OEMs in migrating more easily to the new SoundWire interface.”

The original article is here.

Peter Cooney Founder, Research Director

Peter is the founder of SAR Insight & Consulting. Peter has been tracking, analyzing and commenting on technology markets for almost 20 years. In that time he has headed practices at a number of leading analyst firms, managing teams of analysts across the world.

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