Samsung Partners With SoundHound and White Castle to Revolutionize Voice AI Drive-Thrus With Next-Gen Display Technology

By Peter Cooney / October 6, 2023
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In order to increase sales and give customers “personalized, easy-to-navigate experiences”, SoundHound has partnered with Samsung to offer voice AI drive-thru boards. As a result of removing the human element of food ordering, the press release boasts “orders processed in just under 60 seconds, and 90 percent order completion rates that exceed previous staff-based benchmarks”.It […]

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SoundHound Announces Chat AI For Automotive Voice Assistant

By Joe Murray / May 10, 2023
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SoundHound AI has recently announced a new in-car AI assistant that combined AI generative abilities with modern voice assistant features allowing for a smoother and more relatable experience when communicating with the system. The new algorithm combines multiple platforms and search engines to ensure that only the most reliant answer is given, helping to combat […]

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