SoundHound Announces Chat AI For Automotive Voice Assistant

SoundHound AI has recently announced a new in-car AI assistant that combined AI generative abilities with modern voice assistant features allowing for a smoother and more relatable experience when communicating with the system. The new algorithm combines multiple platforms and search engines to ensure that only the most reliant answer is given, helping to combat AI hallucinations. To accompany the announcement, SoundHound also released the results from a recent study that indicated that roughly 50% of drivers are willing to adopt an AI assistant in their car, however, it remains to be seen if this will continue or if interest will drop similar to the smart assistant market.

While this is an exciting development for the automotive industry, at SAR we are most excited about the prospect of AI technology making it’s way into smartphones and in turn, headphones. While we believe that in roughly four to five years headphones will become independent of the smartphone, some may remain connected for some functionality such as interfacing with AI, at least for the shorter term.

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