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SoundHound Announces Chat AI For Automotive Voice Assistant

By Joe Murray / May 10, 2023
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SoundHound AI has recently announced a new in-car AI assistant that combined AI generative abilities with modern voice assistant features allowing for a smoother and more relatable experience when communicating with the system. The new algorithm combines multiple platforms and search engines to ensure that only the most reliant answer is given, helping to combat […]

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BMW sticks with Cerence to build next car voice assistant

By Peter Cooney / September 30, 2022
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Although it may not be clearly visible to the car users, Cerence owns a large market share of embedded automotive voice assistants, with many automotive OEMs as customers.  When it comes to voice assistants in automotive, there are two implementations – one is cloud-based and the other is embedded. While cloud-based voice assistant systems are […]

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USound MEMS speakers enable new audio in-vehicle experiences

By Peter Cooney / July 1, 2022
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As discussed in SAR’s study on MEMS speakers, automotive is one of the largest markets for speakers, with almost ½ billion speakers used per year. SAR is expecting MEMS speakers to start being used in automotive applications from 2023, in small volumes as OEMs trial their usage.   MEMS speakers could enable OEM designers to try […]

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