iFLYTEK reports 2021 operating revenue up 41% to ¥18.3 billion

iFLYTEK is the largest speech solution provider in China and probably one of the largest in Asia. iFLYTEK’s business area covers a wide range of speech solutions including voice recognition software and voice-based internet and mobile products covering education, communication, music, intelligent toys, etc. 

While iFLYTEK is well known for their voice recognition business in consumer and B2B, their automotive business cannot be overlooked. To cover the automotive business, iFLYTEK even has a separate company called iFLY Auto. iFLYTEK’s position in the automotive business could be close to the size of Cerence, who is the leader in automotive speech solutions. 

It is no wonder to find that iFLYTEK is doing well in business due to its diverse engagement in many areas that require speech and AI solutions. 

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