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Qualcomm Introduces Two Next Generation Sound Platforms – S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3.

By Peter Cooney / April 4, 2024
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Qualcomm has announced upgrades to some of its sound platform chips, with the S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3. Here we look at the major changes made. The S3 is aimed at mid-tier audio devices. Looking at the specs for gen 2 and gen 3 the major upgrades on the previous generation include: 2 x compute power An additional Kalimba DSP (2 instead of 1) Improved DAC […]

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Apple Vision Pro

By Joe Murray / June 22, 2023
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​As expected, Apple has just announced their first entry into the Extended Reality market. The Apple Vision Pro. Set to release in early 2024 and selling at a base price of $3,499, the new device will spark new life into the mixed reality market. Currently, the only large-scale device that uses mixed reality (a combination […]

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