Sonarworks new calibration software lets anyone set up a multichannel audio system

Spatial audio is becoming a hot topic throughout the audio world. Gaming, music, film, VR, and even cars are now using spatial audio to enhance user experience.  Sonarworks are trying to simplify the creation of spatial audio with a new piece of software. The SoundID Reference for Multichannel is a specialist piece of software that minimizes human error when creating spatial audio content. The software can produce beautiful stereo sounds all the way up to 9.1.6 binaural and ambisonic sounds.

Sonarworks decided it was time to allow anyone to calibrate a multichannel system at home. This allows user to have a much better translation of the creators 3d audio on their own devices. This also benefits creators as many are now starting to set up multichannel studio monitors.  The system uses a measurement microphone to ascertain the audio from different speakers. It then calibrates the audio, so users get an accurate sound representation.

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