Razer acquires Interhaptics to drive Haptics ecosystem

Congrats to Eric Vezzoli and his team on the announcement that gaming giant Razer will acquire haptics platform vendor Interhaptics. Razer has been investing in the use of haptics to enhance the gaming experience for a number of years, with products such as the Razer Nari Ultimate – a haptics enabled gaming headset and Razer Enki Pro – a haptics enabled gaming chair. These products are branded under the Hypersense moniker, Razer’s “Intelligent Haptics” solution.

The work Razer has been undergoing over the last few years is a great example of successful partnerships with multiple haptics solution providers. Its Hypersense solution features technology developed by Lofelt, its Enki Pro gaming chair was developed with D-BOX. It’s acquisition of Interhaptics will enable Razer to more closely integrate its gaming products with games software, utilising Interhaptics “leading haptics development platform for game studios”.

Razer clearly sees the potential of haptics to help it differentiate from the competition, enabling it to create unique products that stand out from the crowd.

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