Bosch barometric pressure sensor raises the bar for accuracy and performance in mobile devices

This press release caught my eye as it demonstrates a few interesting trends. Firstly, this is a radically different type of component, Bosch has transitioned from a piezo based to a capacitive MEMS based sensor, which has enabled it to reduce power drain and increase accuracy significantly.

It seems most likely that this component will see strong adoption in smartphones firstly, smart watches too but also opens the opportunity for use in volumes. Certainly, sports oriented TWS devices are the obvious candidate for this type of sensor, with the increased accuracy it boasts the ability to track much smaller movements such as doing a push up, and it can be argued that the ear is the best place to measure this type of movement.

Other use cases such as the improvement of location tracking, aiding a GPS based system to provide height and also enabling it to power down at times to save energy could see it being used more widely in TWS. We are looking forward to seeing this in our future teardowns.

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