Unity claim first lossless wireless headphones

Swiss headphone company, Unity, has just released a pair of what they are calling the worlds first wireless lossless headphones. The headphones use a proprietary technology called Full-Fidelity that allows the headphones to receive audio which takes advantages of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to capture audio quality at 24-bit/96kHz.

Many would argue that consumer headphones and codecs are currently at a point where the average user cannot hear a difference between the top products on the market, this is why SAR believes this technology seems to be targeted towards the professional audio market for use in the studio. The headphones retail for a huge $2,199.00 showing that consumers are much better off purchasing headphones utilising the new default LC3 codec.

SAR believes that LE Audio will reach mass adoption within the next few years as leading OEM’s such as Apple, Sony, Google, and Samsung adopt the new technology. We’ll see more devices released LC3 and increased number of use cases such as low latency gaming via TWS earbuds.

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