PSB Speakers, Sonical and MQA announce partnership to create next-generation headphones

By Peter Cooney / March 29, 2023
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This is another story about the use of UWB for audio streaming, this time with a few more companies added to the mix. Sonical is central to this, offering its CosmOS for use in PSB Speakers’ headphone (due Q1, 2024). Also included is AntennaWare‘s UWB antenna and Qorvo UWB radio chip. MQA has also jumped […]

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CES 2023: Technology advancements drive Headphone 3.0 forward

By Peter Cooney / January 27, 2023
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In a previous post Hear This: ‘Ear-Worn Computing’ Around the Corner, I talked about the next generation of headphones (Headphone 3.0) and how this is likely to impact the market over the next few years. At CES 2023 this vision of the future became a little closer to reality, with several companies demonstrating technology that […]

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Hear This: ‘Ear-Worn Computing’ Around the Corner

By Peter Cooney / September 23, 2022
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SAR had an opinion piece published in EE Times this week, full details here.   The article discusses the future of headphones, considering what is next on the horizon, what we and others in the industry are calling Headphone 3.0.  Essentially, we are expected next gen headphones to evolve evermore into ear-worn computers rather than audio […]

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