Syntiant raises $55 million, ships 20 million+ chips

Syntiant is a start-up company founded in 2017 focusing on developing always on, machine learning based processor solutions. 

Investors for Syntiant includes a whole spectrum of tech industry companies such as Amazon, Bosch, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, and Renasas and more. 

The NDP100 chip (NDP = Neural Decision Processor), from Syntiant achieves industry leading ultra-low power consumption of 140uW during always on mode. This is about 1/3 of ultra-low power consumption already available in the market today from other silicon vendors such as DSP Group (now Synaptics). Based on the very competitive low power consumption, it is expected that Syntiant may not have competitors in the market for a while. 

The NDP chip can find application in low power always on such as voice wake, event detection and more. Syntiant is already shipping NDP chips and their customers include TWS and other IoT products. 

In an upcoming study from SAR, always on low power devices such as Syntiant’s NDP 100 will also be covered: Scope: IC Platforms & Algorithms in TWS – SAR Insight 

We welcome any input: Audio_IC_Platform_TWS Survey 

Dr. Seongcheol Jang Director, Voice Technologies

Dr. Jang is Director of SAR’s UI Practice Area, providing market insights on the latest devices, software, and components.

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