Endel collaborates with Sony to bring audio wellness to Sony’s LinkBuds series

This is an interesting example of how 3rd party app developers can build new solutions, working in collaboration with TWS device vendors. In this case app developer Endel (Germany) appears to be using the Sony Linkbuds microphones to understand context, e.g. is a person situated in an office, in a park, etc., from this it can then automatically choose an appropriate “soundscape”. The Endel app also says that it can use heart rate to adjust the soundscape too, with the Sony Linkbuds, a separate heart rate monitor would be needed, but this could work with the few TWS devices that have inbuilt heart rate sensors, such as the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro. 

As TWS devices add more sensors, the opportunities for app developers will expand significantly and I believe that there will be significant growth in this market over the next 5 years.  

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Peter Cooney Founder, Research Director

Peter is the founder of SAR Insight & Consulting. Peter has been tracking, analyzing and commenting on technology markets for almost 20 years. In that time he has headed practices at a number of leading analyst firms, managing teams of analysts across the world.

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