Bluetooth SIG launches Auracast

By Peter Cooney / June 10, 2022
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The Bluetooth SIG launched Auracast™ this week. This is the brand name for the broadcast audio ability enabled by LE Audio. It has been eagerly waited for by the industry and is very interesting new way to use Bluetooth.   Regarding branding, this reminds me of previous attempts by technology organisations to stir up consumer […]

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Broadcom ships one billion Wi-Fi 6 and 6E chips

By Peter Cooney / May 16, 2022
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An amazing achievement by Broadcom, which clearly demonstrates the appetite for improved Wi-Fi connections. The inclusion of the 6GHz band (as well as other improvements) has led to “six times faster upload speeds, four times faster download speeds, four times better coverage and seven times better battery life than the previous Wi-Fi standard”, according to […]

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