ST Strengthens position in the TWS sensor market

By Joe Murray / March 28, 2023
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STMicroelectronics has announced its latest headphone-focused UI chip, the LSM6DSV16BX, an integrated product that is intended to replace 2 or more components in a TWS device. This combines 3-axis wide band accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope with an audio accelerometer, electrostatic sensor (Qvar) and processing. It enables multiple functions needed in many TWS devices: Bone conduction for voice activity detection […]

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Why buy four chips if you only need one?

By Peter Cooney / November 28, 2022
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This is an interesting development in TWS sensors, it shows a continuing trend towards sensor integration, primarily to reduce cost but also improve such things as waterproofing. This particular sensor from Azoteq boast touch, wear, docking and force sensing in one component, which usually requires 3 or 4 separate sensors.   SAR Insight’s TWS database shows […]

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