New Xbox Designs for 2024 Leaked

Recently, a document was leaked during the FTC vs Microsoft case revealing their plans to refresh the current line of consoles in 2024. This includes the Series X, Series S, and a brand-new controller.

The most eye-catching change is definitely to the Series X console, going from a boxy, fridge-like design to a much smoother cylindrical design. Not only that, but WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, a larger 2TB SSD, 6nm die shrink, and USB-C will also be featured, along with the removal of the disk tray.

The controller is also set to have a very impressive re-design. The more obvious revision is the new two-tone colourway, which mimics that of the Xbox Elite controllers. However, I think the most interesting additions come from within the controller. Microsoft seems to be following in Sony’s footsteps with the addition of voice coil motor haptics to provide a similar level of haptic immersion to that of a DualSense controller. Also, an accelerometer is now featured, which should allow you to simply lift it to wake the gamepad. Other features like a rechargeable battery, modular thumb sticks, and “Xbox Wireless 2” are also attributes of the new controller.

Finally, unlike the Series X, the Series S is only receiving minor alterations. The overall design will remain the same, but it too will feature WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, and USB-C.

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