Power is a key enabling technology for all modern electronic systems and devices. Great strides have and continue to be made in power delivery technologies, such as increasing use of wireless charging and energy harvesting. Power efficiency is a primary consideration in any design and new technologies are emerging to improve this. As battery powered devices, from IoT sensors to electric automobiles, grow in importance, battery technology also advances to keep up.

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Wireless Power

Connecting the global Internet of Things

SAR Insight & Consulting’s wireless power services covers the technologies used, end market applications and market drivers for wireless power and wireless charging. It provides a quarterly updated market forecast DATAbase, a product DATAbase and annual report on the state of the industry and forecast market growth. The service covers receivers (Rx) and transceivers (Tx) sold for use in a range of end markets. Technology types. Use case and end market adoption. Providing historic data and forecast from 2010 to 2025.

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