Highly efficient sound power and sound intensity measurements with augmented reality

By Joe Murray | June 1, 2022

Head acoustics has announced a new application for the HoloLens 2, developed by a German start-up called HoloMetrix. The application allows users to box off an object in augmented reality before the application creates a personal sound map. This allows the user to identify sounds issues and leakages, creating a quieter environment for perhaps even […]

Knowles new dual-diaphragm balanced armature

By Nick Wright | May 24, 2022

Knowles Corporation has been developing a new dual-diaphragm balanced armature. The two self-contained diaphragms are driven by a single coil. Knowles had to overcome several issues in the design of the new balanced armature. A dual diaphragm allows the product to be smaller whilst maintaining high output levels whilst also providing a “warm and clear […]

Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition

By Peter Cooney | May 18, 2022

One of SAR’s clients alerted us to this piece of news. The Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition is interesting for many reasons, let’s consider the components first:  Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth 5.0 + proprietary RF chip  Dual Minebea linear motors for haptics feedback (supporting feedback from Windows and Steam games)  TDK InvenSense 6-axis gyroscope  This is demonstrating […]

Broadcom ships one billion Wi-Fi 6 and 6E chips

By Peter Cooney | May 16, 2022

An amazing achievement by Broadcom, which clearly demonstrates the appetite for improved Wi-Fi connections. The inclusion of the 6GHz band (as well as other improvements) has led to “six times faster upload speeds, four times faster download speeds, four times better coverage and seven times better battery life than the previous Wi-Fi standard”, according to […]

Sonos adds secure voice control

By Joe Murray | May 13, 2022

In 2019, Sonos acquired Snips, a company focusing on the development of embedded voice assistants based in France. Today, one of the reasons for the acquisition has been realised with Sonos announcing their own embedded voice control for all new and old voice compatible devices via a simple update.  One of the key focuses that […]

iFLYTEK reports 2021 operating revenue up 41% to ¥18.3 billion

By SeongCheol_Jang | May 3, 2022

iFLYTEK is the largest speech solution provider in China and probably one of the largest in Asia. iFLYTEK’s business area covers a wide range of speech solutions including voice recognition software and voice-based internet and mobile products covering education, communication, music, intelligent toys, etc.  While iFLYTEK is well known for their voice recognition business in […]

Meta to open first brick and mortar store

By Joe Murray | May 3, 2022

Meta has officially announced the Meta Store, a brick and mortar location for consumers to test our their most recent hardware. The announcement seems to be coupled with Meta’s push for its vision of the future of the MetaVerse. Similar to the Apple Store, consumers will be able to test the latest AR/VR technology that […]

Shure release a new KSM series wireless microphone

By Joe Murray | April 27, 2022

April 19th saw the release of Shure’s brand new wireless microphone, and addition to the KSM series, the KSM11. The company claims that the microphone is capable of “natural” and “high-clarity” sound. However, while this microphone is a condenser, SAR does not expect it to be used in a studio setting due it being wireless. […]

Røde releases debut headphones

By Joe Murray | April 14, 2022

Professional microphone manufacturer Røde has released its first-ever headphones, the NTH-100. The company has been a prominent player in the professional microphone market for many years, being the go-to brand for vocal microphones. Its biggest rivals Shure and Audio-Technica have been in the headphone market for years and currently hold the top spots for professional […]

Olive Union release self-branded hearing aids for severe hearing loss

By Joe Murray | April 14, 2022

April 5th saw the announcement of the second edition of Olive Union’s Olive Max PSAP. While the company is marketing these earbud/hearing aid hybrid devices as Hearing Aids, countries that follow the FDA’s regulations will be unable to recognize these as true hearing aids until the company gets FDA approval to market the earbuds as […]

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