Sonarworks new calibration software lets anyone set up a multichannel audio system

By Nick Wright | June 6, 2022

Spatial audio is becoming a hot topic throughout the audio world. Gaming, music, film, VR, and even cars are now using spatial audio to enhance user experience.  Sonarworks are trying to simplify the creation of spatial audio with a new piece of software. The SoundID Reference for Multichannel is a specialist piece of software that […]

Endel collaborates with Sony to bring audio wellness to Sony’s LinkBuds series

By Peter Cooney | May 30, 2022

This is an interesting example of how 3rd party app developers can build new solutions, working in collaboration with TWS device vendors. In this case app developer Endel (Germany) appears to be using the Sony Linkbuds microphones to understand context, e.g. is a person situated in an office, in a park, etc., from this it […]

Google shares Pixel Buds Pro international details: Countries, prices, and color availability

By SeongCheol_Jang | May 24, 2022

At this year’s Google I/O, a new TWS earbuds has been announced. The newly announced Pixel Buds Pro is Google’s first TWS earbuds with ANC. The previous version, Pixel Buds 2, was based on TWS SoC from Bestechnic (BES2300) and it is quite interesting to see which TWS IC platforms are used for Pixel Buds […]

Broadcom ships one billion Wi-Fi 6 and 6E chips

By Peter Cooney | May 16, 2022

An amazing achievement by Broadcom, which clearly demonstrates the appetite for improved Wi-Fi connections. The inclusion of the 6GHz band (as well as other improvements) has led to “six times faster upload speeds, four times faster download speeds, four times better coverage and seven times better battery life than the previous Wi-Fi standard”, according to […]

MEMS speakers are replacing balanced armature speakers

By SeongCheol_Jang | May 16, 2022

MEMS speakers are about to appear in actual consumer products, especially in small form factor devices such as TWS earbuds and headphones. Efforts are also on the way to enable MEMS speakers in a larger form factor devices such as TVs, etc.  USound is one of the leading companies in the MEMS speaker area and […]

Sonos adds secure voice control

By Joe Murray | May 13, 2022

In 2019, Sonos acquired Snips, a company focusing on the development of embedded voice assistants based in France. Today, one of the reasons for the acquisition has been realised with Sonos announcing their own embedded voice control for all new and old voice compatible devices via a simple update.  One of the key focuses that […]

Meta to open first brick and mortar store

By Joe Murray | May 3, 2022

Meta has officially announced the Meta Store, a brick and mortar location for consumers to test our their most recent hardware. The announcement seems to be coupled with Meta’s push for its vision of the future of the MetaVerse. Similar to the Apple Store, consumers will be able to test the latest AR/VR technology that […]

Bosch barometric pressure sensor raises the bar for accuracy and performance in mobile devices

By Peter Cooney | April 14, 2022

This press release caught my eye as it demonstrates a few interesting trends. Firstly, this is a radically different type of component, Bosch has transitioned from a piezo based to a capacitive MEMS based sensor, which has enabled it to reduce power drain and increase accuracy significantly. It seems most likely that this component will […]

Røde releases debut headphones

By Joe Murray | April 14, 2022

Professional microphone manufacturer Røde has released its first-ever headphones, the NTH-100. The company has been a prominent player in the professional microphone market for many years, being the go-to brand for vocal microphones. Its biggest rivals Shure and Audio-Technica have been in the headphone market for years and currently hold the top spots for professional […]

Olive Union release self-branded hearing aids for severe hearing loss

By Joe Murray | April 14, 2022

April 5th saw the announcement of the second edition of Olive Union’s Olive Max PSAP. While the company is marketing these earbud/hearing aid hybrid devices as Hearing Aids, countries that follow the FDA’s regulations will be unable to recognize these as true hearing aids until the company gets FDA approval to market the earbuds as […]

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