Airoha sets 10-year milestone with Bluetooth LE Audio certification

By SeongCheol_Jang | September 6, 2022

It looks like Bluetooth LE (BLE) audio is making a significant impact on TWS SoC providers such as Airoha, as it is believed to be a game changer in the wireless audio industry. TWS SoC providers consider BLE as an important milestone due to the benefits that it will bring. Power efficiency and better sound […]

Optimizing PPA with RISC-V custom extensions in TWS earbuds

By SeongCheol_Jang | August 19, 2022

In a recent TWS market study, SAR finds that the use of RISC-V cores is increasing. The RISC-V is license free core although one has sole responsibility to make the core run without any technical issues. Fabless TWS SoC companies such as mid-to-low tier IC companies may find RISC-V cores appealing due to the cost […]

SAR publishes its updated MEMS Speaker study

By Peter Cooney | July 25, 2022

SAR recently published its update on the MEMS Speaker market, one of the key changes in this edition is that the previous forecast expected the MEMS speaker market to take off in 2021 but this has been delayed by approximately 1 year.   Although there has been a delay in the market ramp, MEMS speaker vendors […]

GreenWaves’ GAP9 processor for hearables and smart sensors

By SeongCheol_Jang | July 25, 2022

GreenWaves’ ultra low power processor is gaining interest from the market especially in the smart portable audio devices such as TWS earbuds, etc.  GreenWaves is a fabless semiconductor company found in 2014 and their headquarter is located France.  GAP8 was GreenWaves’ first generation low power processor introduced in 2018. GAP9 is second generation processor after […]

The domestic TWS chip maker Zhongke Lanxun goes public

By SeongCheol_Jang | July 19, 2022

Zhongke Lanxun (also known as Bluetrum) recently went to public after Actions Semiconductor. Zhongke Lanxan is a Shenzhen, China based fabless company focused on developing TWS earbuds SoCs.  Bluetrum’s TWS SoC chips can be found mostly on a mid-to-low tier TWS earbuds and one of their main business is white-label market.  Bluetrum’s chips can be […]

SAR publishes its IC Platforms & Components in TWS market report

By SeongCheol_Jang | July 19, 2022

SAR recently published ‘IC Platforms & Components in TWS’ market BRIEF.  In this BRIEF, SAR does a deep dive into TWS earbuds hardware, analyzing the system architecture as well as other components inside.  Component vendors participating in the TWS earbuds are reviewed and analysed.  This BRIEF covers the IC platforms & components in TWS earbuds […]

Meeting Owl 3: 360° video conferencing camera, mic, and speaker

By Joe Murray | July 19, 2022

AI based conferencing system company, Owl Labs, has just released the latest product in its benchmark series the Meeting Owl 3. The premium series—while it has won multiple awards over the few years it has been active—still comes with numerous issues which the company has aimed to address in the latest edition, most notably the […]

Netflix licenses Sennheiser’s AMBEO spatial audio technology

By SeongCheol_Jang | July 15, 2022

Netflix recently announced the availability of spatial audio to all devices, but this feature does not require a surround speaker system as it is through a two channel audio configuration.  Since it is two channel audio based, the availability of spatial audio will be rather wider unlike Dolby ATMOS also available in some of the […]

USound MEMS speakers enable new audio in-vehicle experiences

By Peter Cooney | July 1, 2022

As discussed in SAR’s study on MEMS speakers (which is currently being updated MEMS Speaker Update 2022), automotive is one of the largest markets for speakers, with almost ½ billion speakers used per year. SAR is expecting MEMS speakers to start being used in automotive applications from 2023, in small volumes as OEMs trial their […]

Bluetooth SIG launches Auracast

By Peter Cooney | June 10, 2022

The Bluetooth SIG launched Auracast™ this week. This is the brand name for the broadcast audio ability enabled by LE Audio. It has been eagerly waited for by the industry and is very interesting new way to use Bluetooth.   Regarding branding, this reminds me of previous attempts by technology organisations to stir up consumer […]

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