Why buy four chips if you only need one?

By Peter Cooney | November 28, 2022

This is an interesting development in TWS sensors, it shows a continuing trend towards sensor integration, primarily to reduce cost but also improve such things as waterproofing. This particular sensor from Azoteq boast touch, wear, docking and force sensing in one component, which usually requires 3 or 4 separate sensors.   SAR Insight’s TWS database shows […]

Knowles releases new TWS reference design with best-in-class music experience and advanced features

By Peter Cooney | October 19, 2022

The reference design is not dead! This is still a very valuable technique to highlight new technologies and give developers an easier way to start a design, as well as guide existing customers towards using these new products. Knowles’ new reference design brings together its hybrid driver and SiSonic MEMS microphones alongside a Qualcomm QCC5144 […]

Hear This: ‘Ear-Worn Computing’ Around the Corner

By Peter Cooney | September 23, 2022

SAR had an opinion piece published in EE Times this week, full details here.   The article discusses the future of headphones, considering what is next on the horizon, what we and others in the industry are calling Headphone 3.0.  Essentially, we are expected next gen headphones to evolve evermore into ear-worn computers rather than audio […]

Headband headphones vs TWS

By Joe Murray | September 22, 2022

The last two days have seen two high-end headphone manufacturers release brand new over-the-ear headphones. Firstly, Focal, who have announced the world’s first beryllium headphones retailing for $4999. Alongside this, Meze Audio have released a more affordable high-end pair of open back headphones priced at $799.   SAR believes that these new releases are interesting as […]

Sony and WS Audiology have entered into a partnership agreement in the over-the-counter self-fitting hearing aid business

By Joe Murray | September 21, 2022

Sony has recently confirmed suspicions that they will be entering the OTC hearing aid market by signing a deal with Danish company WS Audiology. The final rulings for OTC hearing aids were published on August 16th with the ruling expected to take effect in October 2022.   As the official ruling has been anticipated for years, […]

Sennheiser uses Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth LE Audio technology

By SeongCheol_Jang | September 20, 2022

Nordic semiconductor is a well-known company in Bluetooth technology and their Bluetooth chips are widely used in many consumer devices such as voice remote, smart watch and smart speaker, etc. Nordic’s nRF5340 is an attractive Bluetooth SoC although it is missing the backend audio part so the implementation requires an external audio CODEC for a […]

Airoha sets 10-year milestone with Bluetooth LE Audio certification

By SeongCheol_Jang | September 6, 2022

It looks like Bluetooth LE (BLE) audio is making a significant impact on TWS SoC providers such as Airoha, as it is believed to be a game changer in the wireless audio industry. TWS SoC providers consider BLE as an important milestone due to the benefits that it will bring. Power efficiency and better sound […]

Optimizing PPA with RISC-V custom extensions in TWS earbuds

By SeongCheol_Jang | August 19, 2022

In a recent TWS market study, SAR finds that the use of RISC-V cores is increasing. The RISC-V is license free core although one has sole responsibility to make the core run without any technical issues. Fabless TWS SoC companies such as mid-to-low tier IC companies may find RISC-V cores appealing due to the cost […]

SAR publishes its updated MEMS Speaker study

By Peter Cooney | July 25, 2022

SAR recently published its update on the MEMS Speaker market, one of the key changes in this edition is that the previous forecast expected the MEMS speaker market to take off in 2021 but this has been delayed by approximately 1 year.   Although there has been a delay in the market ramp, MEMS speaker vendors […]

GreenWaves’ GAP9 processor for hearables and smart sensors

By SeongCheol_Jang | July 25, 2022

GreenWaves’ ultra low power processor is gaining interest from the market especially in the smart portable audio devices such as TWS earbuds, etc.  GreenWaves is a fabless semiconductor company found in 2014 and their headquarter is located France.  GAP8 was GreenWaves’ first generation low power processor introduced in 2018. GAP9 is second generation processor after […]

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